claypit creek

•January 22, 2012 • Leave a Comment

and i believe that the river recedes when you take your good love away from me.


if love is war.

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then war is hell.

coffee house.

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I played my first solo set ever tonight… it was three songs. Quitters Never Win. Central Line. Wrong Way Rodeo. I play those songs at least twice a day everyday…normally way more. I know them. Tonight I did not know them. But I played them. I finished them. I let other people hear them. So for that I’m happy.

new music.

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if you like it, please share it, thanks

home. is where the heart is.

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but i still miss my old house. our lease ran up and another chapter of my life has ended… at least in one way.

i will.

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make my way. i will find my place. or places. i just pray that i’ll have the presence of mind to see the doors that open before me. and the strength to kick down the ones that don’t.

i have a new idea.

•March 2, 2011 • Leave a Comment

i think it might work. but it’s gonna take time. effort. and other things.